We are excited to introduce:
BABOR ReVersive - Youth recaptured 

The Babor research team has developed the most effective, anti-aging series ReVersive with its innovative RE-YOUTH COMPLEX. This exclusive Babor precision formula contains the perfectly synergized, high performance active ingredients TELOVITIN, AGICYL, LUMICOL and EPOCYL. The skin regains its youthful appearance and radiance. 

Cell activity and vitality is supported by protecting the telomeres and activating the longevity gene. In addition, the range visibly and tangibly counteracts the reduction of collagen fibers as well as oxidative damage.



TELOVITIN - keeps cells young longer
The cell protective ingredient complex base on Nobel Prize winning research supports the skin in retaining its youthful appearance. Telomeres are protected against premature shortening, thus extending the life cycle of the cells.

AGICYL - activates the skin's own pro-youth protective mechanisms
Main aging factors such as free radicals, environmental toxins and glycation are contained and the activation of the longevity gene keeps cells looking younger.

LUMICOL - for radiance and luminosity
Protein accumulations in tissue are reduced, evening out tone and irregularities in the complexion. The skin regains back its radiant appearance.

EPOCYL - instant visible smoothness
With its special surface structure, it forms a film on the skin visibly smoothing out lines and wrinkles within 15 minutes. 

The exclusive anti-aging skin care range ReVersive visibly reduces wrinkle depth. The face appears firmer and smoother and feels silky soft, while redness and discolouration are reduced. The skin appears more vibrant and youthful, and has a beautiful, even complexion. 

The product range consists of 4 Products:

ReVersive anti-aging cream $175

ReVersive anti-aging cream rich $185

Anti-Aging Eye Cream $125

Anti-Aging Dual Serum $265