An expert in cosmetic aromatherapy, DECLÉOR allows you to be in harmony with yourself and your environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty and giving you radiant skin. Our know-how combines scientific knowledge of plant energies with an in-depth understanding of the vital energies of the body, acquired through more than 35 years of plant-based treatments in beauty salons and spas. 

We can offer you a unique beauty regime created from the rigorous selection of natural ingredients, careful proportioning and exclusive blends of active concentrates, resulting in effective and sense-enhancing daily care routines.
These concentrated solutions of regenerating energy, containing active essential oils, have been specially formulated to ensure optimum affinity with your skin. 

Our vision of beauty is inseparable from our vision of the world, where balance is respected and natural qualities are able to flourish.


Scientific and Clinical Expertise

It is here that the major asset of the DECLÉOR Brand is constantly enhanced through research work conducted on new botanical species in order to extract the most active olfactive molecules, known asessential oils. Guaranteed 100% tolerance and measure its effectiveness


Cosmetic Expertise

Expertise carried out by beauty specialists who work to adjust textures and scents specifically adapted to each product function. More than thirty years of research have resulted in the creation of a DECLÉOR 'aroma library'. Constantly enhanced by the research work conducted on new botanical species, this unique aroma library is a source of permanent innovation: today, no fewer than 40 essential oils are used in more than 150 formulations.


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