Differences between Hair Removal Services


Below are some different hair removal methods and their distinctive features.




Shaving is the most popular hair removal method but shaving works only at skin-level. This is why your hair grows back in no time when you shave. Usually, it grows back after two to three days. Shaving does not involve any pain except when the skin is mistakenly cut.


When a very good shaving cream is used coupled with a very sharp blade, the chances of having a cut will be minimal.


Using depilatory creams:


Depilatory creams are pasted and rubbed over the area of skin with hair. The cream is left for some minutes to allow it dissolve the hair. After that, it is then wiped off. Using depilatory creams is a little better than shaving in the sense that it cuts the hair a little below the skin level. The major turn off with depilatory creams is their offensive odourodor which is caused by the chemical ingredients in them.


Usually, there should be no pain or any burning sensation if applied properly. One thing that can cause a burning sensation is if the cream is left for too long on the skin. The hair will begin to grow back within three days.



Waxing is said to be about the most painful hair removal methods. This method involves applying hair removing wax to the skin. The wax is left for some minutes for it to stick to the strands of hair. The wax is then ripped off and the hair gets pulled out with it.

The first few waxing sessions would be quite painful but the pain will begin to reduce gradually over time. The major advantage this method has over shaving and using of depilatory creams is that it takes about three weeks for hair to grow back. Sometimes, it takes a little longer than that depending on individuals.

Laser Hair Removal:

With this method, the hair roots are destroyed with laser beam. This option is permanent. But the problem with it is that it is only effective with dark hair on light skin because of the clear contrast. Laser hair removal takes about 10 sessions to achieve maximum results.

Once the sessions are completed, it will only require regular touchups to maintain the skin. The touchups should be done once in every six months


Threading involves rolling doubled and twisted thread over unwanted hair to pluck the hair. The hair removal is at follicle level. It involves a little bit of pain as several strands of hair are removed at once. But it takes a lot of time since the hair is removed bit by bit.

In conclusion, hair removal service is an art that still keeps evolving. The ones mentioned in this article are just the major and most popular ones. Better and faster methods are being discovered every day. To get the best and most up-to-date hair removal services please visit us: http://www.villagespas.com/waxing/ 

Benefits of Getting Facials



Facials are a great way to treat yourself. There is nothing quite like the pampering received during a facial and they are helpful when it is time to relax and unwind. There are numerous other benefits when it comes to getting facials, so let's take a moment to examine the advantages that can be enjoyed.

Slows Down the Aging Process

The aging process is a part of life, no matter which way you slice it. But there are ways to slow it down. Facials offer people the chance to treat the skin and offer themselves asupple, youthful appearance. Some facial treatments use lasers to remove dead skin and increase the production of collagen.

The production of collagen is important, as it is essential for the growth of healthy skin cells. When skin cells are at their most plump and healthy, this is when collagen production as it its highest. Baby Quasar and DermaWand are a couple of popular laser treatments received during facials.

Facial Cleansing

Facials provide cleansing benefits that you simply cannot receive at home. The skin experiences deep cleansing, helping to remove built up toxins that dwell beneath the surface. Our faces are exposed to large amounts of grease and dirt throughout the day, which keep our faces from retaining their natural moisture and lubrication.

Sebum is also produced in overabundance, which is the catalyst for a number of skin related issues, including the production of blackheads and excess acne. Facials open up the pores and allow the toxins and dead skin to escape. From there, the skin becomes more tight and firm.

Increased Blood Flow and Circulation

Unless the face receives the proper blood flow and circulation, the skin will not look its best. Facials are designed to encourage and promote blood flow and circulation, which gives the skin a much healthier glow. The skin will  receive increased amounts of nutrients and water, reducing instances of dry skin.

When the blood rushes to the skin, vitamins, minerals and hydration are able to make their way to the surface. This gives the skin a much more supple, youthful and healthy appearance. Increased circulation also gives new skin cells the chance to develop and flourish.

Emotionally Beneficial

Besides all of the obvious health benefits, facials also come with a great deal of emotional benefits. Thanks to the creams, oils and aromatherapy used, the skin is moisturized, smells good and the client is able to enjoy an increased contentment, as well as peace of mind.

For many, heading to the spa for a facial is all about relaxation. Facial massage treatments help to increase these positive emotions and provide a respite from the daily hustle and bustle.

Benefits of Body Treatments and Massage/Consider This


What is body treatment? Body treatments are designed to give a client healthy and well-toned skin. Of course most people would love to appear vibrant, young and have a natural glow.

Airbrush tanning

It is a common body treatment that gives you an all over glow and a nice even tan. They are applied using an airbrush and gives the appearance of a “sun” tan without all the UV damage that goes along with it.. You can also receive full body exfoliation with the tanning procedure, which better prepares your body for a completely even tan.


Seaweed Scrub/Wrap

That is something everyone should try at least once. A plant based scrub is used to exfoliate your whole body and then a wrap is applied. It leaves your skinsoft, smooth and firm.


Facial treatments and peels

It can reduce the effects of aging and give your face firm skin and a beautiful healthy glow. Deep cleansing facials can leave your skin radiant and ultra clean. Also recommended for you, is “microdermabrasion”. Usually for those of you that have problem skin and minor imperfections, like scarring for example.


 ‘Advanced” body treatments

You can easily get that in and around the city of Mississauga, Ontario. There are several spas that will do all this for you for a reasonable price. These services include but are not limited to, Injectables like Botox, and Derma fillers. Or perhaps you would really like some type of Laser treatment.


Laser treatments

Laser Treatments can be a very effective alternative to Botox and other injectable treatments. Laser treatments use localized pulses of light that can reduce the signs of aging and sun damage for example. Another treatment called IPL is generally used to help correct Discolorations in skin pigment, such as redness and mild scarring due to acne.

Relaxation massage

That is something that will ease stress and leave you totally relaxed, while a Deep Tissue massage is generally a much firmer massage that is used to relax tight muscles and chronic muscular ailments. Another popular technique is a HOT stone massage, which has healing properties and induces blood flow.

In closing, whichever treatment you decide to go with, you will come out looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Make sure you discuss all your options with the esthetician. They can provide you with all the information you need as well as expertise. 

Why You Should Get Massages And How Often

Massages used to be something that a person had to go out of their way for. Nowadays, massage clinics are so commonplace that even the airport provides flyers with an opportunity to receive one before boarding. No matter what your needs, a massage can fit the bill. Therapists use a variety of methods that are specifically targeted towards your most problematic areas.Whether you require a light massage treatment or the application of deep pressure, massage therapists are there to help. The days of massage being considered strictly as an alternative form of medicine are long behind us. There are numerous medical conditions and maladies wherein a physician will recommend massage in conjunction with more traditional forms of treatment.



 Why to get Massage?


  • Stress relief, pain management and release of muscle tension are among the many benefits that can be received from regular massage treatments. Anxiety, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia caused by stress, nerve pain and sports injuries can also be treated with massage.


  • There are others who prefer massage treatment for emotional and spiritual reasons. The sense of comfort and compassion that a massage client is able to enjoy during their session is unparalleled. Creating a lasting connection with a massage therapist is reason enough to continue to come back for more.


  • Massages should not be utilized as a replacement for traditional medical care. Before you begin a massage regimen, be sure to speak with a doctor so that any potential complications are able to be taken care of early.



 How often you should get a Massage?


  • Depending on the severity of your conditions, you may require a massage on a more regular basis than someone who is merely looking for relief from moderate stress.


  • For general health and relaxation, massages are recommended on a weekly or a biweekly basis. This includes people who live a more sedentary lifestyle and do not receive regular exercise. Weekly and biweekly massages serve to reduce the stress caused by daily living.


  • People with occupations that place them in high stress situations require more frequent massages. Weekly massage is recommended in these instances and the prospect of receiving a massage every seven days often serves as a helpful respite from the rigors of a high stress job.


  • For those who receive massages for pain reduction and management and have also experienced severe trauma, treatment is recommended twice a week during the early stages. As the pain begins to subside, the amount of necessary treatment is reduced, as well. Athletes can also receive massages on a weekly basis, depending on their training schedules and the rigors of their sport.


No matter where your needs may lie, massages are a great addition to your health care regimen and can benefit people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.