Differences between Hair Removal Services


Below are some different hair removal methods and their distinctive features.




Shaving is the most popular hair removal method but shaving works only at skin-level. This is why your hair grows back in no time when you shave. Usually, it grows back after two to three days. Shaving does not involve any pain except when the skin is mistakenly cut.


When a very good shaving cream is used coupled with a very sharp blade, the chances of having a cut will be minimal.


Using depilatory creams:


Depilatory creams are pasted and rubbed over the area of skin with hair. The cream is left for some minutes to allow it dissolve the hair. After that, it is then wiped off. Using depilatory creams is a little better than shaving in the sense that it cuts the hair a little below the skin level. The major turn off with depilatory creams is their offensive odourodor which is caused by the chemical ingredients in them.


Usually, there should be no pain or any burning sensation if applied properly. One thing that can cause a burning sensation is if the cream is left for too long on the skin. The hair will begin to grow back within three days.



Waxing is said to be about the most painful hair removal methods. This method involves applying hair removing wax to the skin. The wax is left for some minutes for it to stick to the strands of hair. The wax is then ripped off and the hair gets pulled out with it.

The first few waxing sessions would be quite painful but the pain will begin to reduce gradually over time. The major advantage this method has over shaving and using of depilatory creams is that it takes about three weeks for hair to grow back. Sometimes, it takes a little longer than that depending on individuals.

Laser Hair Removal:

With this method, the hair roots are destroyed with laser beam. This option is permanent. But the problem with it is that it is only effective with dark hair on light skin because of the clear contrast. Laser hair removal takes about 10 sessions to achieve maximum results.

Once the sessions are completed, it will only require regular touchups to maintain the skin. The touchups should be done once in every six months


Threading involves rolling doubled and twisted thread over unwanted hair to pluck the hair. The hair removal is at follicle level. It involves a little bit of pain as several strands of hair are removed at once. But it takes a lot of time since the hair is removed bit by bit.

In conclusion, hair removal service is an art that still keeps evolving. The ones mentioned in this article are just the major and most popular ones. Better and faster methods are being discovered every day. To get the best and most up-to-date hair removal services please visit us: http://www.villagespas.com/waxing/