Why People Prefer Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal provides a helpful alternative for people who have grown weary of constant shaving, waxing and tweezing. When you are no longer happy with the aforementioned options, laser hair removal is typically the follow up choice. The procedure is becoming more and more commonplace, so read on to learn more about why people prefer laser hair removal.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Removing unwanted hair with lasers allows for far more precision than any at home treatments. The lasers are able to selectively target and eliminate the hairs that have become hard to reach. Certain hairs begin to show up in inconvenient areas and they are coarse and dark. While these hairs can be removed at home, doing so causes damages to the skin in surrounding areas. Laser hair removal makes this problem a thing of the past.A lot of people prefer laser hair removal because of the time factor. The process of removing hair from unwanted areas can be extremely time consuming and many people experience difficulty when it comes to carving out a few moments during their busy schedule to do so. Laser hair removal is far more efficient.

How Laser Hair Removal is Done

All it takes is one pulse from a laser to remove several hairs at one time. Each second, the laser treats an area of the skin that is roughly the size of a quarter, dwarfing what the average person is able to accomplish at home. The smallest areas where hair removal has become problematic are able to be treated in under one minute. Even larger regions of the body, such as arms and legs can be treated in less than one hour, freeing up valuable time to accomplish other crucial tasks. Time is also saved over the long haul. Turning to laser hair removal leads to permanent hair loss in as few as three visits. Permanent eradication of this issue allows for maximum predictability.

Side Effects

Side effects are minimal. Although some patients may experience a painful feeling, one that is similar to a sunburn, in the first couple of days, these side effects can easily be treated with cold compresses and cooling moisturizers. People with darker complexions may experience blisters, but this is not a common occurrence. Any sort of permanent scarring or unwanted changes to a person's skin color is incredibly rare. Costs are relatively low, depending on the frequency of the treatment and the size of the area being treated.


Laser hair removal is preferred by many, thanks to a winning combination of convenience, affordability and lack of side effects. When considering laser hair removal, be sure to take a moment to consult with your trained primary care physician, to further evaluate your upcoming course of action, as well as your options.