Benefits of Getting Facials



Facials are a great way to treat yourself. There is nothing quite like the pampering received during a facial and they are helpful when it is time to relax and unwind. There are numerous other benefits when it comes to getting facials, so let's take a moment to examine the advantages that can be enjoyed.

Slows Down the Aging Process

The aging process is a part of life, no matter which way you slice it. But there are ways to slow it down. Facials offer people the chance to treat the skin and offer themselves asupple, youthful appearance. Some facial treatments use lasers to remove dead skin and increase the production of collagen.

The production of collagen is important, as it is essential for the growth of healthy skin cells. When skin cells are at their most plump and healthy, this is when collagen production as it its highest. Baby Quasar and DermaWand are a couple of popular laser treatments received during facials.

Facial Cleansing

Facials provide cleansing benefits that you simply cannot receive at home. The skin experiences deep cleansing, helping to remove built up toxins that dwell beneath the surface. Our faces are exposed to large amounts of grease and dirt throughout the day, which keep our faces from retaining their natural moisture and lubrication.

Sebum is also produced in overabundance, which is the catalyst for a number of skin related issues, including the production of blackheads and excess acne. Facials open up the pores and allow the toxins and dead skin to escape. From there, the skin becomes more tight and firm.

Increased Blood Flow and Circulation

Unless the face receives the proper blood flow and circulation, the skin will not look its best. Facials are designed to encourage and promote blood flow and circulation, which gives the skin a much healthier glow. The skin will  receive increased amounts of nutrients and water, reducing instances of dry skin.

When the blood rushes to the skin, vitamins, minerals and hydration are able to make their way to the surface. This gives the skin a much more supple, youthful and healthy appearance. Increased circulation also gives new skin cells the chance to develop and flourish.

Emotionally Beneficial

Besides all of the obvious health benefits, facials also come with a great deal of emotional benefits. Thanks to the creams, oils and aromatherapy used, the skin is moisturized, smells good and the client is able to enjoy an increased contentment, as well as peace of mind.

For many, heading to the spa for a facial is all about relaxation. Facial massage treatments help to increase these positive emotions and provide a respite from the daily hustle and bustle.