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Why You Should Get Massages And How Often

Massages used to be something that a person had to go out of their way for. Nowadays, massage clinics are so commonplace that even the airport provides flyers with an opportunity to receive one before boarding. No matter what your needs, a massage can fit the bill. Therapists use a variety of methods that are specifically targeted towards your most problematic areas.Whether you require a light massage treatment or the application of deep pressure, massage therapists are there to help. The days of massage being considered strictly as an alternative form of medicine are long behind us. There are numerous medical conditions and maladies wherein a physician will recommend massage in conjunction with more traditional forms of treatment.



 Why to get Massage?


  • Stress relief, pain management and release of muscle tension are among the many benefits that can be received from regular massage treatments. Anxiety, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia caused by stress, nerve pain and sports injuries can also be treated with massage.


  • There are others who prefer massage treatment for emotional and spiritual reasons. The sense of comfort and compassion that a massage client is able to enjoy during their session is unparalleled. Creating a lasting connection with a massage therapist is reason enough to continue to come back for more.


  • Massages should not be utilized as a replacement for traditional medical care. Before you begin a massage regimen, be sure to speak with a doctor so that any potential complications are able to be taken care of early.



 How often you should get a Massage?


  • Depending on the severity of your conditions, you may require a massage on a more regular basis than someone who is merely looking for relief from moderate stress.


  • For general health and relaxation, massages are recommended on a weekly or a biweekly basis. This includes people who live a more sedentary lifestyle and do not receive regular exercise. Weekly and biweekly massages serve to reduce the stress caused by daily living.


  • People with occupations that place them in high stress situations require more frequent massages. Weekly massage is recommended in these instances and the prospect of receiving a massage every seven days often serves as a helpful respite from the rigors of a high stress job.


  • For those who receive massages for pain reduction and management and have also experienced severe trauma, treatment is recommended twice a week during the early stages. As the pain begins to subside, the amount of necessary treatment is reduced, as well. Athletes can also receive massages on a weekly basis, depending on their training schedules and the rigors of their sport.


No matter where your needs may lie, massages are a great addition to your health care regimen and can benefit people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.