Benefits of Body Treatments and Massage/Consider This


What is body treatment? Body treatments are designed to give a client healthy and well-toned skin. Of course most people would love to appear vibrant, young and have a natural glow.

Airbrush tanning

It is a common body treatment that gives you an all over glow and a nice even tan. They are applied using an airbrush and gives the appearance of a “sun” tan without all the UV damage that goes along with it.. You can also receive full body exfoliation with the tanning procedure, which better prepares your body for a completely even tan.


Seaweed Scrub/Wrap

That is something everyone should try at least once. A plant based scrub is used to exfoliate your whole body and then a wrap is applied. It leaves your skinsoft, smooth and firm.


Facial treatments and peels

It can reduce the effects of aging and give your face firm skin and a beautiful healthy glow. Deep cleansing facials can leave your skin radiant and ultra clean. Also recommended for you, is “microdermabrasion”. Usually for those of you that have problem skin and minor imperfections, like scarring for example.


 ‘Advanced” body treatments

You can easily get that in and around the city of Mississauga, Ontario. There are several spas that will do all this for you for a reasonable price. These services include but are not limited to, Injectables like Botox, and Derma fillers. Or perhaps you would really like some type of Laser treatment.


Laser treatments

Laser Treatments can be a very effective alternative to Botox and other injectable treatments. Laser treatments use localized pulses of light that can reduce the signs of aging and sun damage for example. Another treatment called IPL is generally used to help correct Discolorations in skin pigment, such as redness and mild scarring due to acne.

Relaxation massage

That is something that will ease stress and leave you totally relaxed, while a Deep Tissue massage is generally a much firmer massage that is used to relax tight muscles and chronic muscular ailments. Another popular technique is a HOT stone massage, which has healing properties and induces blood flow.

In closing, whichever treatment you decide to go with, you will come out looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Make sure you discuss all your options with the esthetician. They can provide you with all the information you need as well as expertise.